About The Band

Preston McCool is a five-piece Victoria, BC, Canada, based band with its musical roots firmly planted in the Blues, R&B and Classic Rock. Formed in 2010 by two musical buddies, hence the name, the band has undergone many personnel changes to arrive at its current configuration, which in my opinion, is the best so far.

Preston McCool's style goes back to the days when each band had their own sound, and each player had their own character. The rule, "If you’re not sweating bullets after each set, you haven’t done your job" applies. Energy, intensity, chemistry, tasty licks, and the ability to ramp it up a notch is what this band’s performance is all about. There's something for everyone to dig, so come share in the passion Preston McCool brings to the stage each and every gig!

Preferring to play music festivals and special events, Preston McCool has, in the past few years, played the Victoria Jazz Society’s Blues Bash a couple of times; the Esquimalt Lantern Festival a couple of times; the Oak Bay Tea Party a couple of times; as well as making appearances at the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival and the Victoria Blues Society’s Blues Extravaganzas.

Videos of these performances and others, as well as original material can be viewed on our Facebook page as well as Youtube.

Preston McCool recently played a set at, and then hosted the Nanaimo Blues Society’s Blues Jam at the Queens, the result of which is, we are now the first band to be contracted and signed for Summertime Blues 2016.

Kenny Preston